World War 2 began at Fort Dix, New Jersey for my dad. He was drafted and in Company A at the 1229th Reception Center at Fort Dix by January 8, 1943.

January 27 -- transferred to Sub Post 4, Mitchel Field on Long Island, NY.

Feburary 10 -- to Squadron H, Group 4, Nashville AAF.

March 9 -- Primary pilot training, Squadron 40, Santa Ana AAB.

May 21 -- Basic pilot training, Class 43-K, Flight D, 11th AAF Flying Training Detachment, Ryan Field, Tucson, AZ. First flight is in a Ryan PT-22 on 5/25. First solo on 6/19.

July 30 -- Squadron 6, Flight A, Pecos, TX. Training is now in a Vultee BT-13.

October 2 -- Advanced pilot school, Marfa, TX. Trains in a Cessna UC-78.

December 12 -- Squadron K, 18th Replacement Wing, 2nd Air Force, Salt Lake City, UT.

January 8, 1944 -- Transition pilot training, Detachment G, Davis-Monthan Field, Tucson, AZ. Here the combat crew was assembled. Lt. Bergren (pilot), Lt. Henson (bombardier), Lt. Bibby (navigator), Sgt. Waldron (engineer), Sgt. Johnson (Radio Op.), Sgts Robbins and Kornegay (waist gunners), Sgt. Martin (ball turret), and Sgt. Mitchell (tail gunner). Begin training in B-24s.

April 4 -- Topeka, KS.

A 1944 photo of my dad and crew. Taken at Topeka just prior to leaving for the ETO.

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