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Mission 11 through 20

Mission 11, June 24 -- Conches airfield, France. Flies #141 "Kill Joy." Some flak, no fighters. Dad observes a B-24 from the 93rd BG "blown to bits."

Mission 12, June 25 -- Calais, France. Flies #051 (no name). Plenty of accurate flak, but no fighters.

Mission 13, June 28 -- Saarbrucken, Germany. Flies "Dry Run." Bombed marshalling yards. Heavy flak. Dry Run returns to base with one feathered engine.

Mission 14, June 29 -- Bernberg, Germany. Flies #093 "Black Magic." Bombed and airfield. Accurate flak.

Mission 15, July 6 -- Sully, France. Flies #142 "Dinky Duck." Bombed a railroad bridge. Light flak.

Mission 16, July 11 -- Munich, Germany. Flies "Dry Run." Sees "Lots o' flak". One plane from the 707th was lost over the target and another from the 704th was forced to ditch in the channel.

Mission 17, July 12 -- Munich, Germany. Flies "Dry Run." Heavy flak again, one plane lost from the 705th.

Mission 18, July 13 -- Saarbrucken, France. Flies "Dry Run." A flak barrage was encountered this time.

Rare color photo of 2 Armament guys & Dry Run.

July 18 -- Caen, France. Flies "Dry Run." Forced to abort, no mission credit.

Mission 19, July 19 -- Strasbourg, Germany. Flies #177 "Ginger." Bombed marshalling yards. Heavy flak.

Mission 20, July 20 -- Eisenach, Germany. Flies "Ginger." Light flak.

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