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31 Combat Missions with the 446th.

Dad arrived at Station #125, Bungay, England on May 29, 1944. On May 30, he flew around the Bungay area 1 hr. 30 min. for orientation and practice. On June 4 a second flight to practice formations lasted 4 hr. 15 min. Then, two days later, on June 6 he flew on his first combat mission.

Mission 1 through 10

Mission 1, June 6 -- Caen, France. Flies in plane #137 "Dry Run." First mission on D-day! Wow! And interestingly the 446th lead the 8th Air Force that day. The "Red Ass" (called the "Bungay Buckeroo" for the papers) of the 704th was the first Bomber over the enemy coast on that day.

Mission 2, June 8 -- Granville, France. Flies plane #505 "Old Faithful." Heavy flak over target and squadron hit by 15 ME-109s. The B-24 "Daisy Mae Scraggs" at the rear of the formation was shot down.

Mission 3, June 10 -- Wimereux, France. Flies "Dry Run." Bombed pillboxes, no flak or fighters.

Mission 4, June 11 -- Dinan, France. Flies "Dry Run." No flak or fighters.

Mission 5, June 12 -- Conches, France. Flies "Old Faithful." Bombed Conches airfield. Accurate flak, but no fighters.

June 13 -- Beauvais, France. Flies "Dry Run." Flight reached 7000 feet when the mission was recalled, no mission credit.

Mission 6, June 14 -- Orleans, France. Flies "Dry Run." Bombed Orleans/Bricy airfield Accurate flak, 8 holes in the plane.

Mission 7, June 15 -- Tours, France. Flies "Old Faithful." Bombed a railroad bridge. No fighters and only inaccurate flak.

Mission 8, June 20 -- Siracourt, France. Flies "Dry Run." Bombed V-1 launch sites on French coast. Light flak.

Mission 9, June 21 -- Siracourt, France. Flies #306-S (no name). Same target, same flak.

Mission 10, June 22 -- Paris, France. Flies #104 "Wistful Vista." Bombed Buc airfield. Formation hit by accurate flak and between 12 and 25 ME-109s were sighted. (Seven days later, 6/29, the Wistful Vista receives a direct flak burst in the ball turret. Returns to base barely in one piece.)

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